Beat Wrinkles Naturally

“This video is silent on purpose, so that you can focus on her facial expressions”

Racha Zeidan was born on May 15th, 1978 in Lebanon. She is the daughter of well known Lebanese artist Salwa Zeidan. Racha's art comes from her feelings about people, about the world, and about herself.

She expresses herself through photography, video and art installations.

This is her first video-art project.

'The aim of the video-art "Beat wrinkles naturally" is to get people to think happy thoughts and smile continuously to get nice wrinkles as opposed to negative feelings, attitudes and words that can create nasty wrinkles on their faces. Positivity is a lighter energy hence the happy video on the top.'

This video was created in April 2011 by Racha Zeidan and edited by Chris Billedo.

Copyright © Racha Zeidan. All rights reserved.

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My first video-art project

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